What is the DEMP Project?

We are a non-profit faith-based organization developed out of a love and compassion for the victims of human trafficking and other sex for sales businesses.


D.E.M.P. stands for David, Ester, Moses and Peter. These four people had incredible reDEMPtion stories in the bible which is where we get our inspiration. Our mission is to treat every woman and child with love, faith, and kindness according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while building effective relationships within the community to identify, serve, and protect victims affected by the sex industry.

The Harsh Reality

People are being bought and sold all around us, using fear and intimidation. This evil industry thrives because the victims are afraid to confront their owners. The sex industry is accessible to any outsiders, but to make a difference and stop them is extremely difficult, and the people willing to shut down this industry is limited.

Women are being used, many of them against their will, for the financial gain of others. The amount of people willing to pay for sex is insurmountable. The high demand for women, perpetuates the problem of human trafficking: the kidnapping of people, particularly women, to become sex slaves. The unethical violation of human rights motivates our group to make a difference and bring light to a dark generation.

The Life of a Victim

Victims are afraid of escaping from the sex industry, because of the life threatening consequences associated with escaping this line of work. Handlers, otherwise known as “pimps”, use fear tactics to control the lives of these women and keep them enslaved.

Victims experience a variety of different fears once they are no longer in this industry. They experience financial struggles, while keeping an eye out for their handlers so they are not reclaimed. They face rejection by their children and other family members. They battle low self-esteem, various addictions, and in some extreme cases, HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. They lack the resources that will allow them to assimilate to an every day lifestyle. Escaping is difficult: many want to leave but few succeed.

The Solution

We are here to help the victims and their families make the transition to a better life by providing housing, life coaching, employment skills, and other essentials for an everyday life. Whatever the need, we are here to help! We will fight with these courageous women as they fight to take back control of their lives, and the future of their families.

We are here to give these women a chance to have that clean transition that will set them up for success.

Support The Ground War!

This is not an easy ministry to be in. We face many difficult challenges as we go into some of the darkest places imaginable to bring the gospel and good news of God’s redeeming love for these women. YOU can be a part of God’s plan to bring these girls out of the darkness and into the light of Jesus. We need your help!

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